Want to live more healthy? Consider nutrient-packed meal replacement

While much has been made about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight—from looking and feeling healthy to keeping certain conditions at bay like high blood pressure and even certain cancers—attaining our ideal BMI (body mass index) can be daunting.

“It can be overwhelming, having to think about doing this or doing that,” said Amway Global senior research scientist Dr. Gigi Kwok-Hinsley. The Los Angeles-based research and clinical investigator understands the plight of many, and reassured that hitting one’s healthy weight does not always entail three-hour exercises or going on a severely limiting diet.

Rather, the key is making small changes. “It’s about making that first change,” she said, citing simple practices such as going on a five-minute walk or adding a piece of fruit to one’s diet. “Make them small. Soon, you’ll make your second small step. Before you know it, you’re taking leaps.”

Kwok-Hinsley was in the country recently to launch an improved version of BodyKey by Nutrilite, a nutrient-packed meal replacement shake that’s ready in seconds, perfect for those always meaning to live healthier but are on-the-go round the clock.

The brand is formulated like what a balanced meal should look like. It now presents more protein from soy and chia seeds than its previous iteration with 17g plant protein to help satisfy hunger and reduce cravings. It also contains 5g fiber to support healthy digestion, 22 vitamins and minerals to provide the key nutrients of a healthy balanced meal, along with 200 calories to help maintain energy levels.

BodyKey is backed by Nutrilite, one of the flagship brands of entrepreneur-led health and wellness company Amway. With over 80 years of experience in nutrition research and development, Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on its own certified organic farms. This also makes it the only brand in the world that can truly claim traceability from seed to shake, ensuring products that are pure, safe and effective.

BodyKey by Nutrilite has also taken the extra steps to ensure the shakes come with more safety and clean labels. It has no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives, and they are made with non-GMO ingredients. The brand contain zero trans fat and are vegetarian-friendly as well.

“As an entrepreneur-led health and wellness company, Amway is committed to supporting its customers in their journey to overall health and wellness by offering an arsenal of products that can help them improve their quality of life,” said Amway Philippines Country Manager Leni Olmedo.

In the Philippines, BodyKey by Nutrilite is available in three flavors: chocolate, café latte, and berry. More information is available at @OfficalAmwayPH on Facebook and at www.amway.com.ph.

“Weight management is always something that everybody is interested in,” Kwok-Hinsley said. “It’s what is working best for your lifestyle, and meal placement has very good evidence to show that it can work with almost anybody’s journey with weight management.”

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