Naturally Healthy: Living with Coeliac disease

Coeliac Disease is managed through avoiding all gluten, which causes damage to the tissue in the small intestine.

Clair Whitty

Coeliac Disease is a condition that affects your gut when you eat gluten. It can cause digestive discomfort including abdominal pain, diarrhoea and bloating as well as lesser-known symptoms like anaemia and tiredness. If you’re experiencing any of these frequently, your GP can do a specific test for coeliac disease.

Coeliac Disease is managed through avoiding all gluten. Gluten causes damage to the tissue in the small intestine which means that your body won’t absorb nutrients properly.

There are supplements that can promote healing of the gut, relieve symptoms, and support the digestive system. Ann, who works with me in the shop was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease a number of years ago and during this time she has learned to manage her symptoms. She has learned ways to promote healing of her gut when she feels unwell. This is Ann’s experience:

Going completely gluten-free was a significant change for me when I was first diagnosed. I kept a food and symptom diary for the first few months to help me get a handle on what other foods were intolerances for me while my gut was healing. This was really helpful.

Taking Glutamine powder I also find really supportive. This naturally supports the gut lining and healthy digestion. I felt like it was sealing up the leaks in my gut that the gluten allergy had caused. I still take this from time to time when I’ve additional stress and my gut feels a bit more under pressure.

Omega 3’s are essential and I do find I’m much better when I’m taking a supplement in addition to getting them through foods such as oily fish or flax and chia seeds. There’ s evidence to suggest that Omega 3’s help with increasing gut bacteria diversity as well as reducing inflammation.

Finally, the other support I needed and still do is a Digestive Enzyme complex. This helps the body to break down foods and absorb nutrients more efficiently. It can also help with any stomach pain, especially if it contains some anti-inflammatory or soothing ingredients.

If you have any questions about living with Coeliac Disease, Ann would be more than happy to share more of her personal tips with you too. Phone, email, or call in to see us.

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