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Make-up includes products that are used to enhance one’s appearance. These days, there are several brands that sell cosmetics in the market. They include products like eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blusher, eye-shadow, compact powder, foundation and various others. 

Make-up is a way to define and enhance facial features and hence various make-up tools and products are treated differently as per one’s personal preference. However, these come with certain harmful effects. On, we not only give you information about such effects but also give you certain safer alternatives to look better.

We also give you tips and tricks to use make-up the right way. After all, it is an art!

Base And Face Make-up Techniques And Tips

To begin any make-up, the base with concealer and foundation is a must. It makes way for the very base as you get started with the rest of your make-up and move on to highlighting your cheeks with a blush and then the bronzer. 

Eye Make-up Tips And Techniques

Well, make-up is nothing without emphasis on the eyes. Eye make-up offers ways to enhance and define your eyes with the help of many techniques, tips, and trends. Here is all you need to know about eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and their applications and trends. 

Lip Make-up Tips And Techniques

Highlighting your lips is an essential part of make-up for a well-defined face. 

The end results largely vary on make-up applicators and tools. Some importance is to be given on their maintenance as well for making them work efficiently and last longer.

Make-up Removal

As much as we are interested in wearing make-up, much attention is needed on its removal techniques as well. Skipping this simple step could result in long-term damage to your skin and age you faster.

Harmful Effects Of Make-up And Cosmetics

Make-up comes with its own share of side-effects and dangers. Here are the various aspects that draw concern over the harmful effects of most chemicals in make-up on our skin and body. 

Safer Make-up And Cosmetic Options

Apart from chemical based make-up, there are healthier options you could try. From herbal alternatives to all about being make-up free.

Make-up Tips And Tricks

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