5 Tips To Follow For Healthy And Smooth Menstrual Experience

Periods indeed are painful but essential for women’s health. During a menstrual cycle, a woman’s body goes through immense changes that can make her feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. The menstrual cycle of every woman varies according to their body. The body variations of each woman make the menstrual experience different from each other. Some women experience excruciating pain during period days, while for others it’s a smooth process. During these days, you can pamper yourself to give yourself the much-required comfort. Therefore, we have brought you some effective tips that you can follow to have a smooth period experience.

1. Eat Healthy Food

Healthy food has a great impact on our overall health. Especially for women, it is necessary to consume healthy foods that are rich in essential nutrients as their body undergoes several changes during different phases of their life. During periods, we naturally crave more sugary or salty foods, but consuming such unhealthy foods can deplete our energy, and lead to bloating and water retention. Therefore, prioritise more protein, fibre-rich foods instead of junk foods.

2. Exercise

Healthline states that the period is a complex time from a hormonal standpoint. Both progesterone and estrogen are at their lowest during the entire length of the period phase of the menstrual cycle, which can make people feel tired and less energetic. Therefore, one should always try to include various exercises during their menstrual cycle.

3. Get Enough Rest

During periods, it’s all about rest and comfort for a woman. When on a menstrual cycle, you should take enough rest so that your body gets sufficient time to recharge itself. The body requires rest to rejuvenate itself and energise the three doshas. Therefore, get enough rest and enjoy staying in bed during those days of the month.

4. Herbal Teas

The benefits of herbal tea during periods are magical. According to Healthline, tea may be a promising alternative to over-the-counter medications to help manage menstrual cramps. While several teas might help reduce menstrual cramping and pain, the ones that have some scientific evidence to support their use include ginger tea, green tea, thyme tea, and oolong tea.

5. Use Heating Pads

Period pain is extremely common and can sometimes be difficult to bear. In such situations, you can always use a heating pad or take a warm water bath to help your body relax and reduce the pain. Heating pads are one of the most effective ways to relieve tension and pain caused by cramps during menstruation.


(Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.)

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