5 Tips For Pregnant Women To Take Care Of Themselves During Summer

Proper prenatal care is especially vital in the summer, when the heat can be unbearable. Due to their heightened metabolism, pregnant women may complain of feeling hot and sweaty. It is critical to take care of oneself throughout pregnancy, regardless of the weather, in order to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Pregnant women may desire colder temperatures, while winter moms-to-be may yearn for ice sidewalks. So, here are some of the issues that all pregnant women face during the summer, as well as suggestions for how to make it more bearable.

Summertime Obstacles For Pregnant Women


After the first three months of pregnancy, 60 percent of typical pregnant women have swelling in their feet and legs. Excessive or sudden swelling may indicate high blood pressure, so consult a doctor if it is excessive or does not go away with rest.

Vomiting And Nausea

Approximately 60-70 percent of women experience nausea and vomiting. While excessive vomiting might result in dehydration and weakness, which may necessitate taking your wife to the hospital.

Feeling Hot

Pregnant women may feel hot and sweaty as a result of their increased blood volume and metabolism.

Summer Pregnancy Tips For Staying Cool

Stay Hydrated

To combat heat, pregnant women should drink plenty of water, fruit juice, and fresh vegetables with high water content. They should also eat fruits, vegetables, and soups, but avoid overly sugary drinks because they can cause thirst.

Light Food

All pregnant women should avoid eating late. In the summer, it is critical to eat light in the evenings and to have five meals every day. Fruit, vegetables, and light proteins should be included in at least one or two meals.

Cold Shower

Baths or showers at room temperature are the most effective technique to combat summer heat. Cold-water showers can raise body temperature, so take them gradually. Do them in the morning or before bed to recharge for several hours. Begin by massaging your feet, legs, and arms with the shower head, then move on to your belly in circular motions.

Comfortable Clothes

Wear clothes that make you feel good and comfortable, such as natural fibers that allow perspiration to escape and light clothing that allows air to pass through the skin. Avoid overcrowding your closet with too many clothes.

Moderate Physical Activity

Pregnant women should engage in moderate physical activity such as walking and swimming to increase flexibility and blood circulation. These activities will help them deal with the fatigue and sluggishness that comes with weight gain.


 (Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.)

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